The Mysterious
White Powder

Back in early 2006, a young Italian Nerd called Alberto Ludovici bought on the Dark Web a mysterious red pail with a 001 logo, titled “7,5 KG Ceramic Nanospheres With UV Power” made on 001 Island from a seller called ‘001 Magnus’. When he received the pail, dropped by a strange red drone directly at home, he opened it and saw a fine white powder with a unique violet luminescence.

Not finding a use for the strange powder, and generally sceptical of the delivery; thinkinging it was some kind of poisonous or radioactive substance, he dropped the pail in the cellar for a couple months and forgot about it.

The Powder

It was May 2006, when Alberto received from the same seller, ‘001 Magnus’, instructions to link the powder to a PC and start programming the functions through a strange interface with a USB connector on one side and a metallic pyramid on the other which Aberto would insert inside the powder.

A few days passed, and another red drone delivered an interface cable at Alberto Ludovici’s home. On the same day, the dark web account of ‘001 Magnus’ completely vanished.

Struggling to follow the complex instructions left by the mysterious dark web seller, Alberto gathered 21 other self-proclaimed Nerds from across the globe and started “programming” the powder.

After five days of continuous work, Alberto’s Nerds managed to decode the powder; a Mask with the powder, programming it using these strings:

Neither a bomb nor venom

Maybe a joke or a demo

Open the top and look into it

Enjoy my box’

Like some kind of magic, the white powder turned into a black mask with transparent hairs and bright illuminating eyes. Stunned, Alberto held the mask up to the light with all 21 Nerds watching on webcam before curiosity got the better of Alberto Ludovici as he decided to wear the mask…

Putting on the mask, Alberto Ludovici discovered a change in his being — He was full of new strange thoughts and ideas and began seeing the world as a hallucination. hallucinated. It looked like the mask had a certain magical power, and gave Alberto seemingly unlimited energy.

Only two words stuck in Alberto Ludovici’s mind: 001 BEST. “I am 001 BEST!’’ he declared on webcam to the rest of the Nerds. It was 6th June 2006 (06/06/06). 001 BEST was born. The rest is history. For many years Alberto Ludovici kept the power of 001 BEST to himself, only ever using his power for hard work and videogames. At the same time, he was wearing the mask to increase his strength and reflexes.

Combining the power of the mask and his passion for music he managed to leave his job and build a recording studio.

At the same time, he started learning English to find out in the Dark Web something more about the mysterious white powder, and 001 Island, but it wasn’t an easy process..

In 2020, Alberto Ludovici A.K.A. 001 BEST decided to reveal his incredible mask to the world. Get ready to join 001 BEST on this journey…